Dealie Babe

We took everything you love about Dealie Buddy and made it smaller.  Meet Dealie Babe, our mini rig that fits in the palm of your hand. If you like multiple bowls per sessions consider our larger rig: Dealie Buddy.

Dealie Babe's Features:

Incredibly Small: 5 1/4 inches (13.33cm) tall with a 4.75oz capacity.  Typically, the Dealie Babe operates in about two ounces of liquid.

Food Safe Vapor Pathway!:  Borosilicate glass, a mini Dealie Strong lid (made from a FDA food grade plastic), and military grade silicone grommets were used in the Dealie Babe's vapor / smoke pathway.

Impressive Function: Custom designed "two hole diffy" downstem.  We created two small holes in our downstem that force air into jets below the waterline.  This function creates a gentle rumble in your hand.

Patented Lid Hardware: This is where all the magic happens.  We created a custom solution to fit on Dealie Babe's jar.  The culmination of this work is a combination of a mini Dealie Strong Lid and a 3D printed orange ring. Expect exceptional function from our water tight design.

14mm Male Glass on Glass Joint:The Dealie Babeaccepts 14mm female attachments.

If you select no attachments you must supply your own 14mm attachment to have a functional rig. 

Read the Dealie Babe Manual and also see the assembly video below.

Intended for legal use. You must be 21+ to purchase. Adult signature required upon delivery!

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