Shutting Down


An important announcement:

Do More Dealie will shut down on March 30th, 2019. The last day you will be able to order from our website is Wednesday March 20th, 2019.

We’ve created a 40% off coupon (CODE: BYE) to liquidate the last of our inventory.  We have also placed backup parts, including our custom-made straws and grommets on the website.  We have limited inventory so please do not delay in picking up your parts.  If you have any store credit please use it before we close!

Shutting down is often considered a public announcement of failure. However, we don’t view it that way at all. We’ve been in business since 2015 and worked on our concepts for a few years prior to becoming an LLC. It has been rewarding to design physical products that excite a global community.  Some of our biggest wins as a company include being profitable (!), getting featured on HBO’s High Maintenance, patenting our design, sending rigs all over the world + they are in every state within the USA, and we’ve been featured in print publications.  We tried to make a difference in this community by not using sexual/degrading content to promote the products we sell.  We’ve worked with some of the best influencers in the cannabis space, and we’ve also connected with other brands and community members as we spread the word. It’s been fun to meet so many people from all over the world that share our passion.

Our decision to shut down ultimately came from a desire to spend more time on other projects and passions.  Do More Dealie has been an absolute joy and it has taught me and my team so much.  Winding down does not mean failure, it means making space for the new growth that is on the horizon.

As we leave this project and community behind I wanted to say that I have truly appreciated all the support and love over the years.

Thanks again for this wicked ride,

Founder & Chief Dealie Officer

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