Dealie Buddy Reviews

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Review by LoganSmoke420

Majick's Promo from Herb: 


 Dealie Strong Lid Demo

Dealie Buddy review on Reddit by Data_Eater
Text Reviews:
"This is my full review for the #dealiebuddy From @domoredealie , First of all it unique and cool looking 👌there’s no other bong designed like this one , easy to clean and It’s well sealed , so there no leak at all during usage, and This bong is a shredding beast it gonna milk away your hit like nothing , very smooth smoking experience . Plus it have a giant pool of water to cool those hit and you can always add ice cubes for a even cooler toke , It’s Affordable and you can customize your rig to your taste , Plus one detail that do a difference for me , my rig have a handle 👍 this is extremely practical for me , I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and damaged nerve both hands, i drop and break a lot of things so having a secure handle on my bong it a huge plus , Overall i love 💚 my dealiebuddy" -@goldlung_420_insta November 11th, 2017

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