Do More Dealie, LLC

Our Story

What’s the story behind your logo?

Do More Dealie’s face logo was created from an iconic 1980s wedding photo of my Father. My Dad has had such a big influence on Do More Dealie it was fitting to honor him as our mascot. My Dad has given me life long advice that we've rolled into the business and our products. He has always stressed that honesty is the best policy, simple is better, make customer service a priority, always strive to improve and most importantly everything must be balanced. We have taken these recommendations to heart in all that we make and do. We hope our unique approach to doing business and creating products is palpable and appreciated.

Our Design Philosophy

The Dealie Buddy rig was born from the desire to make a physical product that was easy to use, non-intimidating, functioned extremely well and was ultimately less expensive than anything comparable on the market. We also wanted to make a physical product that cultivated love between the user, the device, and the experience. You may ask: "What’s love have to do with a mason mug rig?" To us, it’s really about the connection and love you have for the Dealie Buddy. Many people have told us that Dealie Buddy has become their “daily driver.” When someone has a collection of glass and they constantly reach for their Dealie Buddy, our goal has been achieved.

We’ve been prototyping the Dealie Buddy design for the past few years. We have partnered with vendors throughout California to bring you the best prices and the highest quality parts available in the USA. All of our glass is hand blown / hand shaped in Southern California by an artist who’s has over 25 years of experience. Our lids are custom made with computer controlled machine to insure the best function possible.

We spent nine months looking for the perfect grommets for Dealie Buddy. Our grommets were originally designed for military use in high temperature / high-pressure situations as they are made from virgin silicone. They are far superior and safer than the black grommets you find at a hardware store. Black grommets are often made from recycled car tires and are not recommend for any smoking/vaping situation!

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