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General Shipping Questions

When will my order ship?

Where's my box?

Where do the boxes ship from?

What do the boxes look like? Any branding on the outside of the box?

There's no mail service during these United States National Holidays.

Shipping Quotes.

When we go on Vacation.

Do you ship on via UPS or FedEx?

What's the best way to contact USPS?

Do you ship international?


What will my customs form say?

Why is shipping so expensive?

Dealie Buddy is heavy!

Why can't I ship the Dealie Buddy via USPS First Class mail?

Payment Questions

What will my Credit Card Statement Say?

Do More Dealie, LLC

Do you accept Paypal or Crypto currencies?

Sorry, no Paypal.

Bitcoing, Potcoin and other Crypto Currencies.

Discount Code Requests

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Product Questions

Dealie Buddy Questions

How do I clean the Dealie Buddy?

How much water should I put in the jar?

Do you have any Pro Tips or other advice?


The lid no longer seems to be air tight. What should I do?

Can I order just the top parts?

Where are your parts made?

Quartz Parts?

Straws and Bowls?

What about the Jar?


Where's it all assembled?

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What's the story behind the face logo?

Our Founder's Father.

What is Dealie?

Dealie is...

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